Aarschot - The Summer Paradise

Aarschot - The Summer Paradise

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Trip Introduction

I spent a few months in Aarschot, Belgium which is a city and municipality on the border with Kempenland. It is located in one of the thee regions of Belgium known as Flanders. On the east of Leuven, it is in a part of Flemish Brabant called Hageland. This small yet typical town of Belgium can be crossed in a 45 minute walk from one end to another. It has small quaint cafes and a small population. The history of Aarschot dates back to the era of the Roman emperors, according to myths. In a building style known as 'bacon', the Church of Our Lady also known as 'Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk' which leaves an apparent mark on the city skyline. It is made of brown coloured stone that has been harvested from the neighboring region around Aarschot. I fell in love with this clean bricked walled town with noticeable statues and monuments. I visited in the middle of the summer season when the flowers were blooming and was lucky to get a photograph of the famous river called the Demer that passes through. Aarschot is situated in the valley of this brown-colored river. Although I knew it would be very cold in the winter it was hard for me to leave Aarschot when in Belgium because of its simplicity, quietude and architectural excellence everywhere.

River Demer that runs through Aarschot
Photo – www.Sleepymaggie.com
An intricate statue around the town
Photo – www.Sleepymaggie.com

How to get there

The closest major airport is Brussels Airport. This airport hosts international flights and is about 26 kms from the center of the town of Aarschot.  Aarschot is situated approximately 38 kms from the capital city of Brussels in Belgium. Ticket prices vary according to early and last minute booking but can range approximately between INR 25000 to 40000 one way from Mumbai, my hometown. Another major airport is Antwerp International Airport which is about 35 kms away from Aarschot.

By Rail

Rail and Road – There are private airport transfers from Brussels to Aarschot that range between 55 and 60 euros and cost the same as a train ride to the town.  There are bus lines that run through the major cities and cost the same as a train ride to Aarschot. The train however, is faster than the road but not recommended if one would like to enjoy the view of the beautiful open roads and housing along the way to Aarschot. Once in aarschot one can travel around the town on foot as it is a 45minute from one end of the town to another.
View from the bus on the way to Aarschot from Brussels


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