Advertising is all about targeting , relevancy and cost effectiveness. We at Team Terrainspotter understand that and thus only after two years of operations, we are now allowing ads on our site. But unlike other site, we are not saying : Come one , Come all! We know that our site reaches out to a specific audience. We define our TG as 15+, SEC ABC, All Adults and our market is global. With 200 Indian Destinations and 50 International Spots covered and continuing the wanderlust, we aim to be the #1 Travelogue site in the world. But to keep our servers running, managing the content daily and the shelling out travel expenses, we also need some cash to keep things running. On Terrainspotter, we are allowing advertising in the form of :

  • Terrainspotter Classifieds: Our relevant advertising platform to connect the traveler and the travel agent. Cost Effective, Highly Targeted and Contextual, you cant miss your audience via this platform. So what are you waiting for? Read More

  • Sponsored Post: Got a Hotel, Package, Travel Service that you want to promote along with information about the destination and things to do there? Let us know and we shall make that happen.

  • Backlinks: Want to connect a relevant section(Where To Stay, How To Go) with your business? Contact us. Using backlinks , we can connect our readers to something they might find useful (Air Bookings, Hotel Booking etc)

  • Newsletter Promotion : With 500 Registered Users and Growing, you can use our Newsletter base to advertise your product! Get in touch and we will tell you how!

  • Feature On Plan My Trip Section:Do you have a cracker of a deal for a destination? Feature yourself in our 'Plan My Trip' section

  • Home Page Visibility: Feature your deals on the Home Page

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