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Trip Introduction

You might find it very strange that I decided to visit Ayodhya. Infact my collegue at Terrainspotter was in shock when I expressed my desire to cover Ayodhya as my next destination. It’s not a popular destination and definitely not one that you can call a ‘holiday’. But what it is, is an experience! And as we here at this website have promised to bring alive our experiences, here I am with mine. And if I have managed to invoke in you the slightest desire to visit Ayodhya someday, my purpose would have been fulfilled.

Seeped in history and years of political conflict, Ayodhya is a small town that carries big dreams. That the dreams stem from religious upheavals is no surprise. That sentiments have been hurt of Hindus and Muslims is cause for fear. Ayodhya is not just a town, it is a card in the hands of various political parties and religious organizations. For those of you who are a little hazy on the story of the Ram Mandir and Babri Masjid, let me take you for a little walk down memory lane.

How to get there

By Road

Ayodhya is a 3 hour drive away from Lucknow. National Highway 28 goes from Lucknow to Ayodhya and it is a beautiful road with farms on either side. The journey can be traversed easily by a hired taxi. Best rates to Lucknow can be availed from http://goo.gl/cplsK



Posted By: Divyang

Thanks Rashi, I felt as if i am in ayodhya only.Such a great write up it is.I am planing to go to ayodhya coming winter Fall.

Posted By: Terrainspotter

Thank you Divyang for this lovely compliment.I am now going to write soon about mount Kenya and lake Nakuru. Hope you love that too. DVDs Rashi Team Terrainspotter

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