Egypt - The Mother Of All Mummies(Part I - Cairo And Its Whereabouts)

Egypt - The Mother of all Mummies(Part I - Cairo and its Whereabouts)

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Trip Introduction

You think of Egypt and the first images that fleet through your mind are from movies “Death on the Nile”, “The Mummy” and “The Mummy Returns”. While some scenes may have been theatrical, the enigma and grandeur associated with them is so very true to this place.

The Pyramids of Giza, Valley of Kings, treasures of Tutankhamun, the Nile cruise, Karnak temple in Luxor - everything as in everything has a mystical and magical feel to it. The richness of the country’s heritage, the magic of its past and the royalty of its genes is still very much evident when you visit the glorious and spectacular heritage sites. Equally enticing and interesting is the modern day version of the country that is brimming with people who are friendly and eager to please.

During our brief sojourn in the country we could caress the prominent historical sites and through our interaction with our local guides and other local people catch a glimpse of their charm and bonhomie. Through this three part series article my intention is to bring to you the facts about the things to do and places to visit but also unveil the pulse of the nation. 

Part 1 covers the logistics and Cairo City and the places around it!

How to get there

Our decision to visit Egypt was impromptu as the other destinations of my first choice, Turkey and Greece, were inaccessible due to weather conditions. On hindsight it was a great decision as it has been a journey of lifetime.

We decided to go on an 8N/ 9D trip through Cox and Kings as we were travelling with our two year old daughter and wanted everything to be organized and hassle free. We took an individual package customized especially for us. It was a good decision as everything was very well-organized; transportation and guides were taken care of. All we had to do was go around and enjoy ourselves, though we had our fair share of adventures.

Multiple options are available to fly down to Cairo: Qatar airlines, Gulf Air, Emirates Airlines and Ethiyad Air.

We chose Qatar Airlines and flew via Doha to Cairo. 



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