Food Walks Street Food In Old Delhi

Food Walks Street Food in Old Delhi

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Trip Introduction

One of our most popular trails is the food walk in old Delhi. And the best time to organise one is during Ramzaan. This is the time when every Dilliwala makes a trip to Jama Masjid to savour the flavors of Iftar.

The Famous Ashoka Chaat Bhandar

A good start to this trail is the Chawri Bazaar metro station. Step out of gate no. 3 and the first stall to greet our sense is the Ashok Chaat Bhandar. Known for Golgappe, Aaloo Chaat, Kalmi Vade & many other interesting varieties of chaat. His chaat is one of the reasons for the traffic jams at the Hauz Qazi roundabout!!!! There is a long queue, always!

Stuffed Kulfi

A good contrast to the tangy chaat is Kulfi. Walk into Kucha Pati Ram of Sita Ram Bazaar. The kucha is well known for Kuremal’s kulfi shop. There are fruit flavoured kuflis- matka, malai, anar (pomegranate), phalsa, rose- and the most extraordinary stuffed one’s- apple, mango, to name a few. The fruits like mango are scooped from the inside, so as to remove the seed, & the hollow is then filled with kulfi!!!!

Chaat and Kulle

The next stop on our walk was another chaat wala in Chawri Bazaar. And their specialty is the kulle…any guesses what it might be??!! Take a look at the photos to get an idea. These are pieces of vegetables or fruits filled with gram, peas, pomegranate, boiled potato & topped with spices & lemon.  And consider the variety of items that can be stuffed: tomato, potato, apple, oranges, bananas!!!!

A few steps ahead is a complex called Raghuganj, a part of Chawri Bazaar. Ask for the Jain Coffee House.  This stall is practically hidden away behind a grain market. The ‘secret passage’ leading to their shop is not more than 3 feet wide!!! And their specialty is sandwiches. Fruit sandwiches: mango, pineapple, chikoo, grapes, apple.

The Unmissable Fruit Sandwitches

Awesome Sandwitches

These guys even slice the grapes, so fine that each slice is transparent! Not to be missed is the range of shakes, coffee & tea to go along with the sandwich. And lest you think that you are not up for a sweet tasting sandwich, they also have a veg & samosa sandwich served with a dash of green chutney!

By this time most are full up to their necks. A good idea would be as short visit to the Jama Masjid. The best time to go there would be towards the evening when everyone is preparing to break the fast. You might even get invited to share the iftaar with some families in the courtyard of Jama Masjid. An excellent way to digest all that you have eaten so far would be climbing the minaret here. The southern minaret in the Jama Masjid is open for climbing and even though the stairs are narrow, step and one too many, the view from the top is worth it! You get a bird’s eye view of the Jama Masjid, the Red Fort nearby, & on a clear day, even as far as the river Yamuna. Not to mention the help in digesting all the chaat & kulfis.

Vermicelli Stalls Galore

Walking out of the Jama Masjid, enter the Matia Mahal area. On both sides of the street you will be greeted by stall of food, each more exotic than the other. Vermicelli piled up in heaps, dates, shai tuka, ice cream, kababs, meat balls, lassi, sweets, dates, fruits…everything is here. It is a wonderland for gluttons!

Try the Famous Fried Chicken at Haji Mohd Hussain's Shop

The Famous Bade(Beef) Kebab shops at Jama Masjid

The Unique Keema Goli

You could try Haji Mohd Hussain’s shop, famous for its fried chicken.  Sample some beef based ‘keema golis’ – an iftaar special. These are spicy keema stuffed balls best combined with onion and green chutney. Kallan Sweets, another famous shop here, has a range of sweets: meetha samosa filled with khoya, coconut and dipped in sweet chashni, paneer jalebis, phirni

So take a Food Walk today, and we are sure you and your tummy will both love it. For more information and rates , Please Visit Here


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Good article... Gives a very nice perspective of Delhi, the pictures are good....I literally drooling :)

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