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Trip Introduction

Mumbai is the sort of city you choose to live in if a) you were born into it and its culture or b) you want to make lots and lots of money. It's not the city you'll choose if you want leisurely walks, a slow pace of life, or an escape from advertising and capitalism. Yet you can get these things and more, were you only to step out a few dozen kilometres.


First view of Dhodani

Because a) a merciful god or b) random chance (take your pick) placed Mumbai right next to the Sahyadri range, heaven is never far. (I'm not talking of Matheran or Lonavala, which have become miniature Mumbais in their own right.) Among those little heavens, Dhodani, with its goats, forests and waterfalls is probably the gods' own pick.

View from top

View from top

How to get there

By Road

The village of Dhodani is about 15 km east from Panvel. Panvel, 40 km from central Mumbai, is easily accessible by road and rail. A state transport (ST) bus takes you to Dhodani from the Panvel bus stand, but its frequency is very irregular. You could also hire a taxi, or drive down in your on vehicle. The road is excellent, far better than any seen in the megalopolis (don't ask why). Unfortunately it is narrow, so if an oncoming ST bus blocks your way, you a) drive in reverse gear till you find a place that's wide enough for you to get aside and let the bus pass, or b) get involved in a tense stand-off that culminates in you giving up. (No one sane in Maharashtra expects an ST bus to give way. Not even to VIPs.)

Dhodani valley

View of Dhodani valley

You can also get to Dhodani from Matheran, which is only 3 km away. However, that involves a 2500 foot descent down steep hillsides, but more on that later.

Dhodani river

Dhodani river



Posted By: Tilak

How does this compare with climbing up the Sinhagad fort?

Posted By: Jason Coelho

How much is the height of that Dhodani mountain?I recently visited there, but was unable to get this info.

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