Hidden Gem Of West Bengal- Cooch Behar

Hidden Gem Of West Bengal- Cooch Behar

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Trip Introduction

Cooch Behar is a small, sleepy town situated in a small corner of West Bengal. It is the district head quarters of the Cooch Behar District in  North of West Bengal.  We stayed here on our way back from Bhutan and took a day out to visit  Cooch Behar.

Cooch Behar

Beautiful and yet somehow sleepy towm- Cooch Behar

We stayed at Hotel Ellora  where we got a good room with baby pink colours and a small vintage telly.  A large, king-sized, comfy bed was also there. We played cards and ordered their special 'Frenchie' fries with 'hotel special' ketchup.After a lunch of Pav Bhaji and lime soda, we stepped out to explore.

We first saw the Cooch Behar Palace, also called 'Victor Jubilee Palace', a famous landmark of the town. It is also called the Rajbari, The palace of Kings. It was constructed on the design of the Buckingham Palace of London, during the reign of Maharaja Nripendra Narayan in 1877.

Cooch Behar

Madanmohan Temple

There were different kinds of weapons, jewels, stamps and many other things kept in the palace, now made into a museum.  They had also given the information of the different tribes of Bengal and had showcased their way of clothing, things they used, weapons, etc. After an hour of going back in the 18th century, we came back to 2013 and had a small picnic in the beautiful gardens surrounding the palace. You can also see different kinds of birds, bathing and drinking from the fountains in the lawns. Rajbari is a must see place in Cooch Behar.  Maharani Gayatri Devi  maternal place is also Cooch Behar.


   Cooch Behar   

Then, we were really hungry. So, we enquired about the good sweet shops in the town and were directed to one where  we ate delicious lip-smacking, finger-licking rasogullas!

Then, my mom and my aunt decided to buy some of the beautiful Bengali sarees for everyone back home. I felt bored on hearing that, but once we entered the shop, The colorful sarees were worth buying! I watched around with glee, while my mom bought them. The shopkeeper gave us a discount as we were new in the town. He took out the lovely sarees while his spiritual assistant lit up many incense sticks and mumbled prayers.
Cooch Behar

Then, it was evening. Dad and Uncle walked while mum, aunt, my brother and I tried the local cart-taxi. It was fun, But I felt emphatic on seeing the cart-puller working so hard and earning so less. I paid him extra after the ride.

Cooch Behar

We then walked around the town and visited Sagar Dighi a  big lake which is one of the main local attractions of  the place. The local swimming classes were under way at one of the corners. From Sagar Dighi we walked upto the Madan Mahal Bari.  A beautiful stunning white temple. It was evening and the sun was setting. Sitting in the temple lawns was really relaxing as if the world had stopped.

It was 7'o clock. The big clock in the towncentre rang seven times. 'Ding!' 'Ding!' The pause of 3 seconds was there in between the ding-dongs till my ears got struck by the echo.

Then we saw children swimming in the large pond, a funny spelling for ice-cream and my brother clicked pictures of plants while I made extra ears for him with my fingers!



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