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Trip Introduction

Snow – that beautiful, soft carpet that always leaves you wanting more, if you haven’t lived in it, I suppose. Most people who have lived in countries that have plenty of snow will say that it is overrated. With snow experiences limited to those that I can count on the fingers on one hand, I can tell you, I hadn’t had enough so when we decided to travel to Shimla in Jan, for the next two months, this trip was all I could think of.

Kufri The Weekend Getaway

Kufri is a great escape from Delhi for a long weekend

How to get there

Getting to Shimla from Delhi is a long but decent journey (if things go as planned) but this was not to be in our case. Our train, the Howrah Kalka express was scheduled to leave at midnight and bring us to Kalka around 6am. From there we were to get into a taxi and whiz our way to Kufri where we would arrive by 10am. Due to an Indian Railways delay that I believe is only too common, the train left Delhi station at 6am. As in reaching Kalka at 1pm was not bad enough, we were then stuck in the arms of mountains waiting to slide down on us. Eventually, we reached our hotel in Kufri around 9pm.Other options you can explore are the Shatabdi to Kalka or an overnight bus.



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