In The City Of Good Hope - Cape Town

In The City Of Good Hope - Cape Town

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Trip Introduction

Since I am a huge bug of cinema, thought I start with an connect between my travelogue and a film scene. Although one of the passable commercial potboilers, the film 2012 has a scene at the end where after the Mega Tsunami, the arc finally settles at Cape Of Good Hope and one of the side actors say to Dr Adrian Helmsley...'That's why I guess they call it the Cape Of Good Hope'. If we look back at history, this dividing point between Atlantic and Indian Ocean indeed changed the luck of the Portuguese to establish direct trade relations with the Far East. I visited Cape Town and Cape Of Good Hope in 2008 , when I was working with a Film Crew and my 10 days stay at Cape Town was Unforgettable. Long Done but Not Forgotten, thanks to Team Terrainspotter to give me an oppurtunity to pen this down.

Located on the shore of the Table Bay and overlooking the Table Mountains, Cape Town was first discovered by the East India  Trading Company. The East India Company used it as a Supply Stations to ship Rations to India and Far East. That was 1652 and almost 400 years later, my favourite moment every night of the 10 nights I stayed was to sit at my Balcony and watch the City Lights and the Table Mountains as the backdrop! Mesmerizing it was!

Tender Is The Night - City Of Cape Town Overlooking the Table Mountains

I am a night person and my other favourite pasttime was to visit the Camps Bay and overlook the waves wash upon the white sands. Being one of the most affluent suburban night spots in the world, there was always enough eye candy too to go with :-). 

Camps Bay At Night

Camps Bay At Night

The distance from Cape Town To Cape Of Good Hope is anout 69 Km's and it takes about 1.5 hours to reach there. The moment I reached there I encountered this below board and could not resist taking a photo along with it.

Cape Of Good Hope Board

The Most Southern Most Point Of The African Continent

Once you reach here, you just wanna sit out and watch the open horizon the whole day. I was with the entire Film Crew and we roamed to our fill. Also watch out for Ostriches who can pop in anytime from anywhere.

The View From The Cliffs

Living On The Edge

Bench At Cape Of Good Hope

A Viewpoint To Kill For

Ostrich at Cape Of Good Hope

Watch Out For The Ostriches

Once you are back in Cape Town, there is multitude of things to see and do. cape Town has multiple Suburbs like the City Bowl, Atlantic Seaboard, West Coast, Northern Suburbs and many more and each suburbs has its own things to do! The city is vibrant throughout day and night with a great cultural mix that gives it the extra edge. No wonder the New York Times voted Cape Town as the 'Best City In The World to Visit' in 2014

Noble Square

Nelson Mandela and the three Other Noble Peace Prize Laureates - At The Noble Square

Leper Island

Going to Leper Island Gives You The Chills thinking about the Apartheid Era

How to get there

South Africa is one of the most popular tourist destination in the world, so getting there should not be tough. From India, I had flown via South African Airways, but there are multitude of airlines who can fly you to Johannesburg or Cape Town. The airfare cost will be about 50 - 60K per person, but you can always check the latest rates through the airline sites or OTA Sites 



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