Istanbul: Where East Meets West

Istanbul: where east meets west

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Trip Introduction

East meets west quite literally in Istanbul, for it is the only city in the world that lies in two continents – Asia and Europe. This is probably the first thing you’ll notice on reaching Istanbul – the city looks Asian, the people look European. Istanbul combines the best of traditional and modern with a plentiful offering of food, nightlife, sight-seeing and shopping.


Locals dressed in Turkish garb on the main street Istiklal Cadessi

How to get there

From India, you can get to Istanbul via direct flights from Mumbai and Delhi. The flight from Mumbai takes around 6 hours. There are various airlines operating the sector. Saudi Arabian airlines, Air India and Turkish Airlines are the cheaper options and return tickets would be anywhere between 30 and 40 thousand INR.This has made Turkey a much-coveted destination in the last couple of years.

Fly into Istanbul and all other destinations within Turkey can be reached from here by flights or train. To know more, click here.


Flying into the Turkish Sun



Posted By: Natasha

Must Must Must visit Turkey. Great article capturing the highlights - one of which is, Indians don't need a visa if you have a valid UK or US one!Definitely recommend clubbing Istanbul with Cappadoccia, Fethiye or Atanlya.The food is divine too - another street food delicacy is the Fish Sandwich at Galata Bridge! Worth trekking through the night for.

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