Lake Nakuru-The Wet Patch On Kenya

Lake Nakuru-The Wet Patch on Kenya

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Trip Introduction

A shallow water lake in the rift valley, Lake Nakuru in the local language stands for Waterbuck haven. The ‘soda lake’ has been created naturally by the collection of water in a volcanic crater in this rift valley region which was the point of immense tectonic activity many years ago. An ornithologist magnet, Lake Nakuru attracts a large variety of some of the most splendid birds in Africa. Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara Safari is for those who want to experience the flora and fauna of two different parks. Check out things to know about Masaimara Lake Nakuru, Masai Mara Lake Nakuru Tour Package.  

The Birdwatcher’s Paradise

How to get there

For those wishing to reduce their journey time to a mere half an hour, flights can be chartered in Nairobi. They land at the Naishi airstrip from where the journey takes another half an hour by road.

By Road

Lake Nakuru is located around 150km north west of Nairobi and is best traveled to by road. Most people hire cars to tour the country of Kenya. These are usually open topped mini vans which double up as game viewing vehicles when inside the national parks. We were on a tour of the entire country of Kenya and hence drove up to Lake Nakuru from Mount Kenya, a journey which took around five hours. A bumpy, dusty ride brought us from beautifully pleasant mountains to hot and sultry plains. The four kilometer drive from Nakuru town felt almost never ending as our mini-van jumped leaped and sprung on the uneven roads. Do take care to hold on tight because if you don’t already have a back problem, you might develop one on these roads. 

The Welcoming Milestone



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