Lake Of The Moon Chandrataal

Lake Of The Moon Chandrataal

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Trip Introduction

This 6-day jeep safari cum trekking program takes you to the picturesque, almost ethereally beautiful Chandrataal – the moon lake. Chandrataal (Alt. 4270 m) is a high altitude lake located in the Lahaul valley of Himachal Pradesh. It is so breathtaking in its beauty, that it seems to be a like a jewel set in the crown of the Himalaya. Ensconced between lofty mountain ranges whose snow-mantled peaks find a near perfect reflection in its emerald waters, Chandratal is a magical place and one feels like spending an eternity here. 

Chandratal Lake

An almost palpable serenity pervades the beautiful ‘Moon Lake.’

The grassy shores of this lake are carpeted with a wide array of delightful alpine flowers in summer and are visited regularly by a host of itinerant birds. It is not that uncommon to see the occasional nomadic ‘Gaddi’ sheepherder, in the meadows surrounding Chandrataal, tending to his peacefully grazing flock and playing a haunting pahari tune on his flute. There are some fantastic views of the CB range of the Himalaya, including that of the splendid CB-13 and CB-14 peaks, from the lake. One is also mesmerized by the amazingly beautiful sweep of the Samundra Tapu glacier, which is visible from here.


Manali, Rohtang Pass, Chattru, Dadar Phu, Chhota Dara, Batal, Kunzum La, Chandratal.

SEASON: July to the End of September
MAX. ALTITUDE: 4550 mtrs. (Kunzum La)


TRIP DATES: (Negotiable)

TRIP GRADE: Easy - Moderate


Day 01: New Delhi –Manali (580 Km) 

Duration: 14 Hours

Journey overnight from New Delhi to Manali by Volvo luxury A.C. Coach. Reach Manali in the morning and meet a representative from ‘Mystic Himalayan Trails’. Check into a hotel and relax or roam around town.

A nomadic Gaddi shepherd and his flock

Day –02: Manali - Chattru / Dadar Pul.

Duration: 5 Hours                                                                             

Drive from Manali over the mighty Rohtang Pass, which is the gateway to the rugged Lahaul and Spiti Valleys. Drive on to Chattru over a predominantly non-metalled jeep track alongside the majestic Chandra river, stop for refreshments at Chattru. Camp overnight at Dadar Pul, a little ahead of Chattru.

Chandratal lake

Tents along the shoreline of the lake

Day – 03: Dadar Pul – Chandrataal

About This region

This day's drive proceeds through the valley of the Chandra and through the high summits and massive glaciers that surround the whole region. Gradually the valley opens up and reveals the magnificent Himalayan ranges of Chandra and Bhaga, more commonly known as the C.B. range. All around is a panorama of great peaks soaring to heights of 6000Mtrs and more – White sail, Inderasan, Dharamsura, Shigri Parvat and further up the range, Kullu-Makalu and the Parvati peak itself. This area is particularly popular with mountaineering expeditions.

Chandra Valley

The majestic snowy peaks & lofty spires of the Chandra valley

Further on, the route veers off to the right at the base of the immense Bara Shigri Glacier. Nearly 28 Kilometers long and several kilometers wide at its widest, this is one of the largest glaciers in Himachal Pradesh. The glacier, which is located in a cirque on the middle slopes of the main Himalayan Range opens out into the Chandra valley and adds its waters to the Chandra river. Higher up, this great glacier links up with several other smaller tributary glaciers to form a vast network of perennial snowfields.

Bada Shigri

Bada Shigri, which in the local dialect means ‘Big glacier,’ from the road to Batal

Drive on to Batal, where the road crosses over the Chandra on a Bailey bridge. From here the road ascends through a battery of dizzying hairpin bends to the lofty Kunzum La pass, which is the gateway between Lahaul and Spiti valleys. The views from the pass are awe-inspiring. There is a small shrine on the pass dedicated to ‘Raja Gheypan,’ the lord protector of the Lahaul valley and a ritual circumambulation of the shrine is customary before starting the trek.

From here Chandrataal is 9 Km on a bridle path. The walk is mostly downhill with just a couple of uphill stretches and passes through some truly spectacular scenery enroute. Reach Chandratal by late afternoon and set up camp by the lake.

Days – 04: Chandrataal

Spend the whole day near the lake. Explore the surroundings, watch the flora and bird life or just laze around the lake, basking in its serene splendour. We guarantee you that you'll fall in love with this lake and will want to visit it again and again. 

Chandrataal Lake

One of the many moods of Chandrataal

Day –05: Chandrataal-Manali

Duration: 8 hours

Drive Back to Manali via Batal and Chattru through the Chandra valley till the road joins with the main Manali - Leh Highway near Gramphu. From here it is an uphill drive of 16 km going through numerous hairpin bends to the mighty Rohtang pass. From the pass, drive down to Manali and witness the miracle of nature with incredulity as you pass through lush green alpine vegetation and forests of Spruce and Deodhar again.

13 peak

13 peak, as seen from the trek route

Day – 06: Manali – Delhi (580 Km.)

Duration: 14 hours.

Do a bit of sightseeing around town or shop or just relax in the morning. Depart for Delhi in the afternoon by Volvo Luxury A.C. coach.


P.S : For detailed itinerary, Essentials and Trek Costing, please click here



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