Lets Focus On The Food - Singapore

Lets Focus On The Food - Singapore

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Trip Introduction

I made a trip to Singapore in May 2016. This was not the first time I was visiting Singapore. I had been there twice before, over ten years ago, on a stopover both to and fro when on a flight to Australia. We spent 2 days in Singapore each way. While I saw all the major touristy stuff that Singapore has to offer, this time while visiting one of my best friends, I saw a completely different, more fun side of Singapore which makes me recommend this city to all people from India looking to take a quick break for a few days. 

Singapore Aerial View


An almost aerial view of Singapore

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How to get there

Singapore is a five and a half hour flight away from India. You should be able to get tickets between 15000 and 30000 return at any time you book. 



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