Live Life Lego Size - Billund

Live Life Lego Size - Billund

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Trip Introduction

Being the 2nd largest airport in Denmark, Billund is a very popular town. But its airport is not what has put itself on the tourist map of Denmark. Known for the massive and remarkable Legoland, Billund is a must-visit if you’re in Denmark. A small city, this one multiplies in population on weekends which is when even local tourist rush pours in.

Since we were travelling around in Denmark and I had read that Legoland is amongst the top 10 things to do in Denmark, there were no two questions about whether I was going to visit Billund and having been there, I can tell you that it’s definitely a go on your itinerary too.

Lego Lady Liberty

Lego Lady Liberty

Trip Type

How to get there

When visiting Denmark, the best idea is quite obviously to fly into Copenhagen from India. The next feasible option is to fly in to Billund since it is the second largest airport in Denmark. Flight frequencies are lower than those flying in to Copenhagen but it can be explored if there is a need.

By Rail

All of Denmark is very well connected by the railway network. Both trains and buses ply between Billund and the close-by towns of Vejle, Horsens, Skanderborg and Aarhus.

While our intended mode of travel back from Billund to Aarhus was meant to be the bus, we missed the last bus out and our only option to get back in time for our planned dinner was to take a bus to Vejle station and then take a train to Aarhus

Vejle station

Waiting… at Vejle station


A long walk to kill time at Vejle resulted in this beautiful find

Try and look for the ‘orange’ tickets when travelling around in Denmark. These are special discounted tickets wherein a train from Copenhagen to Billund costs 145 DKK as against the regular 229.

By Road

The distance between Copenhagen and Billund is around 160 miles which can easily be done as a day trip. If you plan to rent a car when in Denmark, driving would be a good option, otherwise I wouldn’t really recommend it. You can also catch a bus into Aarhus from Billund and this would take around 1.5 to 2 hours.


The scenic beauty you’ll see on your way on the bus



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