Manchester - Theatre Of Dreams

Manchester - Theatre Of Dreams

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Trip Introduction

The drive to Manchester from London was the start of our road trip. Add to this the excitement of watching Manchester United win the last game of the season at Old Trafford, and you’ll see why we could barely stay in our seats. This was my second trip to Manchester and the one very big change that had occurred was that the famous Manchester wheel had been demolished. First I asked various locals where the Manchester Eye was. Then upon realizing what was wrong in that, I made my travel companions walk all over the city centre looking for the Manchester Wheel, only to find out that we were standing in its place. 

The city centre square where the Manchester Wheel used to stand before 2015

Trip Type

How to get there

By Road

Once you land in London, head over to the car rentals space right next to Heathrow airport. There are various car rental companies to go to – Hertz, Avis, Sixt, etcetera. Note – while your regular Indian license will work, carry an International driving permit just to be safe.

Manchester is a four hour drive from London. It takes around three hours by train but you would need to book a lot in advance to get good rates. If you prefer not to drive yourself, you can also travel by the bus which can cost anything between 8 pounds and 20 pounds per head.

We had rented a car and enjoyed the journey a lot.

 It felt great to be using a paper map instead of the GPS to guide us

The sidewalks are really pretty in Manchester



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