Masaimara Game Reserve - Life In The Jungle

Masaimara Game Reserve - Life in the Jungle

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Trip Introduction

The best time of the year to visit the Masai Mara Game Reserve has got to be July-August. The peak of the equatorial winter brings with it a temperate climate and untimely drizzles which would otherwise not be the case around these parts of the world. However the true reason tourists around the world head to Masai Mara at this time is to be witness to a phenomenal event – The Great Migration of the Wildebeest. Parts of Kenya are believed to be quite unsafe - the big cities like Nairobi come with the fear of getting mugged at gunpoint and the jungle areas carry fear of wild animals. It is for these reasons that it is better advisable to book yourselves on a tour. We travelled on an SOTC tour to Kenya - one of the most mind-blowing destinations of which was Masai Mara. So sit back and read as I try my best to transport you there.

How to get there

For those with deeper pockets, getting a plane ride from Nairobi to Masai Mara would be a good idea. I would still suggest you choose the drive over the flying as it offers scenic routes past the rift valley, the local village shops and the Masai villages. Flying should be chosen as an option only for elderly people or those with severe back problems. The flight from Nairobi to the Masai Mara air strip would take a little over an hour.

By Road

The best and most economic way to reach Masai Mara is by road. Masai Mara is approximately 300 kms from the city of Nairobi and the journey would take around 6-7 hours. The reason it takes so long is because around 90 kms of this journey cannot be called a road at all! The thick black tar that might have been earlier spread upon the path has disintegrated almost completely towards the side edges and the middle of the road has massive backbreaking potholes.  So it’s a pretty tough call for the expert 4 X 4 drivers whether to stay on the road or off it. Most of the time, ours chose to off-road it. It is not possible to get to the entrance of Masai Mara in any other vehicle other than a 4 X 4. Aside from the bumpy ride, the view on either side is simply spectacular and one can start spotting wild life  such as Zebras, Giraffes and Impalas right from the point where the road leaves the main highway.

The first glimpse of the Masai tribes on the road to Mara



Posted By: Jigeesha Parmar

Loved the write up! Was really descriptive and it kinda answered all my questions if i was planning a trip in the near future! Thought it guided me well into everything that i should not miss out on. and i must not forget the pictures were incredible! :) Thanks rashi!

Posted By: Terrainspotter

Thank you Jigeesha. Rashi is one of our prized writers and we are sure after your comments she will be inspired to pen down a few extra ones:-)

Posted By: Huzaifa

Wow this article was awesome just what I was looking for, going to help me alot planning my trip. BTW I have been planning on going to Africa for awhile now, this time after reading all this it seems possible. Good part is the prices are also mentioned there so I can go prepared :) Thanks a ton Terrainspotter, also Rashi for the informative and detailed article.

Posted By: Terrainspotter

Many thanks Huzaifa! It gives us great pleasure to know that people are finding help and guidance from our content. Please keep visiting us often and btw, we launch a new section in Ten Days. So Stay Tuned:-)

Posted By: Mokshada Batra

Hi, thank you. This is a beautifully written article...and the photos look very real and the comments below each picture! would definitely want to read more articles like this! Keep up the great work!

Posted By: Terrainspotter

Thank you so much Mokshada! We intend to keep our Readers hooked with many such articles on a Weekly Basis!

Posted By: Devika

:) The photos are awesome!!

Posted By: Terrainspotter

Thank You Devika for the Praise:-)

Posted By: sudhir gadre

beutifully written. One will enjoy if in group. although in kenya for work will not enjoy alone.let me plan in group or with family. wl write u before actually coming

Posted By: terrainspotter

Thank you Sudhir for the kind comments

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