Nangli Village Stay - A Taste Of The Asli India

Nangli Village Stay - A Taste Of The Asli India

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Trip Introduction

Digging this travelogue from the mind's old memoir lanes. You know the best way to see the real India is to set on a journey that is self explorative and there are no set agendas. Such an oppurtunity came in year 2008 when one of my friends in Delhi while having a chat with his office boys was invited by him to his village. There was a long three day weekend ahead and I did not mind at all to be going away from the city into the village hideout. Its another thing that this 3 day trip turned out to be one of the most memorable and unique trips of my lifetime. We do Corbett, Nainital, Goa and Bangkok....but Village Stays are still not that common. Thats what made this trip special.

Nangli Village In Alwar District

The Road To Nangli Village in Alwar District, Rajasthan - Our abode for 3 days of Bliss!

Village Stay Rajasthan

Our Humble Home Stay With The Villagers - The Mud Houses are made to keep interiors cool

There are quite a lot of places to visit in and around Village Nangli like Dharampura and The Temple Of Taalvriksh. The most fun though is to wonder about in the fields or take long rides through the narrow village roads knowing not where it will lead you to! 

Dharampura Alwar District

The Calm and Cool Setting Of Dharampura in the normally hot Rajasthan

Dharampura Alwar District

Not the Great Wall Of China, but interesting Nonetheless - At Dharampura

Taalvriksh Temple Alwar District

The Temple Of Taalvriksh

The best part of the trip was the mingling with the villagers and the numerous stops we made at small tea/food joints we made during our nomadic village drives. What one realizes in such a trip is how nice and simple our villagers still are. True, they are backward and they are staunch in what they believe. So rubbing them off the wrong way is a strict nono. But otherwise they are helping and caring and would go out of the way to fulfil your happiness. 

Simple Living, High Thinking : Isnt that the way to live life?

The Head Of The Village Nangli Making 'Laal Maas' (Read Meat) for us. Our gift to him was a bottle of Rum(A Rare Luxury)

Village Kids - Beautiful and Still Untouched by the City Culture

How to get there

By Road

Viilage Nangli falls about 60 Km's from Alwar on the Alwar Sariska road. Coordinates are 28°7'53"N   76°27'7"E. Alwar is about 160 Kms from Delhi, so this lies about 220 Kms from Delhi. Nangli is a village still living it in the old times. One of the most unique things I heard there was the barter system that did not involve money at all. For example, a farmer growing wheat can give his stock to another farmer and get oil in return. With this barter, they normally stock up things that they need for the whole year!



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