New York - City On The Move

New York - City On The Move

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Trip Introduction

Scenes from movies flash by as my train approaches the Grand Central Station in New York. We have taken a train from Washington DC early in the morning and though I’m groggy eyed, I’m also excited to arrive at a place I have seen featured in countless movies. New York to me means movies and I remember scenes from Duplicity, Men in Black and One Fine Day, which were filmed at the iconic Grand Central. And well, even scenes from Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna. You can’t miss out on Bollywood when you are thinking movies and New York thanks to Johar and company.

Peeking through the skyscrapers at the blue skies!
We get out of the station and I do the classic first-visit-to-Manhattan act. I look up and the sky is a patch of blue peeking through a jungle of skyscrapers. We are here with a four year old in tow, we have only a few days on hand and this is one city I have been waiting to see. Time to make a plan.

How to get there

British Airways flies Mumbai to New York with a stopover at London and costs approximately Rs 34,000. Air India flies Mumbai to Newark direct and costs around Rs 40,000. In New York if you are short on time (and have toddlers mouthing tired every two minutes with you), it’s perhaps a good idea to get yourself on a Hop On Hop Off Tour apart from exploring on your own. 

Don’t quite remember who lives here but this one too has a famous resident!
For me the fun was when the tour guides started the Who Lives Where Guide which is essentially them pointing out exteriors of the expensive apartments  inhabited by Jerry Seinfield, A Rod, Bono and others and the tourists actually taking pictures of what looks like just another Manhattan apartment. I fell for this classical glory pictured above and had to click it.
You could buy 48 hour passes for most of these tours which usually include entry to a museum and a river cruise. In Midtown Manhattan, your best bet is to walk. You can also buy a Metrocard that allows you to board both the subway and the bus. Buy a Day Pass or a Week Pass to make things easier.  Then of course there are famous New York taxis. If the roof light is on then it’s available. So remember that before you hail one. For a free journey across the New York Harbour, take the Staten Island Ferry.


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