Pearl Of The Danube: Budapest

Pearl of the Danube: Budapest

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Trip Introduction

Budapest has an old-world charm combined with the modernity of the present era that distinguishes it from many other cities around the world. From the era of empires and kingdoms (Mongols, Ottomans, Turks, Habsburg) and their invasions, the bygone era of communism, the tragedies of war, Budapest has witnessed several twists and turns of history and yet retained its unique allure. The historic invasions have also left their own distinct cultural stamps on the city and a visit to Budapest offers an opportunity to witness several different cultural influences.

The city of Budapest was officially formed in 1873 and gets its name from its two districts or mini-cities in their own rights: Buda in the West and Pest in the East. Separating the two is the Danube River across which are several bridges built to connect Buda and Pest, the most noteworthy being the chain bridge - pretty as a picture!


Public Transport: Budapest is a really big city and can be fairly hot in spring and summer; hence it is a great relief that the city is very well-connected by Metro, Buses, and Trams.

There are three Metro lines (Yellow, red, and blue) that connect most places across the city.

Fun Fact: The Yellow Line Metro, also called the Millennium Subway, is the oldest underground train system in Europe. It was opened in 1896 when Hungary celebrated its 1000th anniversary and it connects the city center with City Park through its eleven stops.

Budapest Tram

Budapest Tram

There are also thirteen Trams/Trolley-buses that connect Northeast and Central Pest and offer majestic views of the city.

Fun Fact: The trolley line 70 was opened on Dec. 21, 1949, the 70th birthday of the soviet dictator Stalin - hence the number 70!

There is also an extensive bus network connecting main areas of the city as well as the suburbs.

Caution: When traveling through any means of public transport, be sure to buy a ticket. Sometimes you may find the ticket machines on the metro stations may not work, in which case, try to find a Metro/Rail employee to help you. There are many, many ticket inspectors and they really swarm the exits of main tourist destinations, and if found without a ticket (for any reason) the fines are hefty (anywhere from 10,000HUF onwards). Most inspectors do not speak English and will not accept any excuse (even broken ticket machines) so ensure to keep your ticket with you until you exit the mode of transport you have chosen.

Trip Type

How to get there

You can reach Budapest through several international carriers, as well as low cost European airlines (if flying from Europe itself). The Budapest Franz Liszt International Airport is situated about 15 km from the city center.

The airport is well-connected to the city by train, tax, and minibus (shared cabs). The train station near the airport is called Ferihegy and there are regular bus connections from this station to the terminals. The train to the city center will cost about 375 Hungarian forint (HUF). The taxis cost anywhere between 8500to 10,000 HUF. The minibus fare ranges from 4000 HUF to 6000 HUF.

By Rail

Budapest is very well-connected with most countries in Eastern and Central Europe. Majority of the international trains arrive at the Budapest Keleti station.

By Bus

If you are traveling within Hungary, there are several buses from different cities and often offer discounted prices. If traveling from other European countries, Eurolines offers some connections.

By Boat

To arrive in Budapest by boat over the Danube River can be a beautiful experience. However, it depends on weather and boat services are offered only from Vienna and Bratislava. Usually the services run between April and early November (depending on seasonal weather).

/Bridges of Budapest



Posted By: Mini Ninja

Nice article. Feels like visiting Budapest after reading the details and fun facts.

Posted By: Shivani

Great article. It actually brings the city alive while reading and makes me want to pack my bags and go there asap!Also loved the fun facts , really nice. Great pictures! :)

Posted By: Aditi Sharma

Thank you Mini Ninja and Shivani!I would definitely recommend you act on the thoughts and visit this lovely city and keep reading more here :)

Posted By: Attila

Dear Aditi!Thank you for this great article. Everything you wrote hundred percent true ;) Since your visit Budapest has become even better - a lot of development has done, and much more is coming/happening. The Castle Hill is under renovation, also there is a new Metro line, etc. In gastronomy there is a so called street food and craft beer revolution. So there are a lot of things which makes Budapest worth a visit :D I know that there are many sights in the world - but if you can come back - you are always welcome! ;)Thank you for the good reputation!Attila

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