Pushkar- One Psyched Out Rajasthani Trip

Pushkar- One Psyched Out Rajasthani Trip

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Trip Introduction

You have most likely heard of Pushkar thanks to the melas or festivals that it is famous for. But there is so much more to Pushkar than meets the eye. This little Rajasthani town goes far beyond the foreign tourists, the Indian hippies and the 'chillum' attitude (pun intended).


A trippy painting available at a store in the market 

How to get there

By Road

Pushkar is about 20kms from Ajmer and is a lovely drive with the magnificent Arravalli range flanking us on one side. The drive takes a total of about 30-40 minutes. The drive to Pushkar from Delhi is close to 8 hours, around 400 km.


Driving with the beautiful hills on one side



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