Queenstown - Step Into Fantasy

Queenstown - Step into Fantasy

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Trip Introduction

The country of New Zealand boasts of perhaps the most majestic sceneries one could ever have seen. Divided into two parts, you could easily spend a month in South Island alone. The land of adventure, I can promise that you won’t be returning from here without encountering a sudden surge of adrenalin at least once. Queenstown in the South Island is definitely the most popular spot among tourists and deservingly so. There’s a dreamy quality to almost everything here!

Straight From The 'Lords Of The Rings'

How to get there

I would strongly recommend that you travel by air to get here because the Queenstown Airport is known to have one of the most stunning approaches in the world. And when you get off the aircraft, smell the icy fresh air and look around you, you will feel like you were just transported right into the helicopter scene from ‘Jurassic Park’.  Triangular mountains line the horizon while endless plains stretch into infinity on the other side. From India, fly in to Auckland or Christchurch and take a local airline in to Queenstown. Our flight from Auckland took us over ‘The Remarkables’ showing off a lovely view of rugged peaks and snow covered crevices.

Flying Over The 'Remarkables'

By Bus

There are bus coaches and trains to get from Christchurch to Queenstown. However the bus coach services usually include a complete tour of anywhere between 4 and 15 days and cover either part or whole of the South Island. There is the famous ‘Tranz Alpine’ train from Christchurch to Greymouth after which one can drive to Queenstown.



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