Shanghai - The City Of Light, Speed And More

Shanghai - The city of light, speed and more

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Trip Introduction

I travelled to Shanghai last summer, had an amazing time there and I’d have to say, totally surprised myself because I usually enjoy myself most on exotic historical and cultural expeditions and all of my hearsay based knowledge on Shanghai suggested that it was a concrete jungle quite contrary to what I loved. 


The concrete jungle

Trip Type

How to get there

There are tons of flights every week between Mumbai and Shanghai as well as from other cities like Delhi and Kolkata. The cheapest flights from Mumbai to Shanghai are usually on Malaysian Airlines however other popular airlines like Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines also fly the route. Air China is a good airline to take flights within China.

Tickets usually cost 35000 rupees upwards and can be booked on any of the major portals. Shanghai has 2 airports both of which are in the opposite direction from each other – Pudong being the main international airport and Hongqiao being the domestic airport. To know more about flight details and rates and best offers click here.

Pudong airport

Picture of Pudong airport taken while waiting to check in for our return flight to India

By Rail

There is a very popular fast train – the bullet train - that connects most major cities in China. You must try and travel on this once. You can come in from Beijing using this train or travel to a couple of cities just outside of Shanghai. With speeds over 300 km per hour, comfortable seating and restaurants and bars, this train is your best bet for travel within China.



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