South America's Rising Star - Colombia

South America's Rising Star - Colombia

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Trip Introduction

We all know Colombia has had a troubled past. Known by many simply as the cocaine capital of the world, 20 years ago this could have been as popular a tourist destination as Afghanistan.   However there has been a huge crackdown on the drug barons; the government is keen to promote international investment and tourists are flocking to this beautiful country. 

Colombians know their international image has been wrecked due its drug production but this makes them all the more welcoming, they really make sure tourists only have good things to say about their country when they get home. Colombia is safe, hospitable and few countries can match the variety of sites on offer with tropical beaches; colonial towns; snow-capped peaks, jungles and glitzy nightlife all on offer. 

How to get there

Colombia is an ideal place to visit from the US.  I flew from New York on a direct flight which takes about 5.5hours and there is no time difference. You also have direct connections from other major hubs such as Houston and Atlanta. From the US you can fly into Bogota for around $600-$1000. 

By Road

Colombia is on of the most convenient countries in South America to get around. Very good and cheap low cost airlines mean you can fly from Bogota to all corners of the country, whilst clean and reliable coach services can be used for shorter distance trips.



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