Super Sized Me - Eating At Drive Ins And Diners At The US

Super Sized Me - Eating At Drive Ins and Diners at the US

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Trip Introduction

One of the things I always loved about the United States among the Numerous other things that I liked was the various Drive Ins and Cheap Food Joints that I saw in the movies. I would always see the hero after a long day of kicking the asses of bad guys enter the drive in and say 'Hey Wendy, throw me a beer and also can I have my regular steak well done?'. As a child and teenager, I used to love watching it as it seemed as if the hero comes to that pl;ace every night to drink a beer and eat. Thus Brand Loyalty seemed very natural for the patrons of these joints.

Bacon and Eggs at Mels Drive In

There's Nothing Like Bacon and Eggs For Early Morning Breakfast

Now I was at San Francisco for 7 days recently and I said to myself that I will eat out at a new diner or drive in Daily. I was near the Mission Street at San Francisco and there stood two very popular Drive Inns : Mels and Denny's. I must admit that I found Mels Staff and Food to be out of the World!

Sirloin Steak Mels Drive In

A Steak A Day Keeps The Hunger Away

In case you do not prefer beef, no worries , just try the Pork Short Rib Steak and that is equally Gastronomic.The best part about these diners is that the costliest dish will not exeeed 12 or 14 $ and the main dish will come with Mashed Potatoes, Fries etc. The Portions in these places are in fact so big , that its difficult even for a foodie like me to finish it all!

Short Rib Steak at Mels Drive In

Pork Short Ribs Served With Mashed Potatoes and Brocolli

Ham Steak at Mel's Drive In

If you are really have the balls to try something spectacular, try the Ham Steak

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