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Aman Chotani is a professional travel and adventure photographer based in New Delhi India who explores the world documenting travel, culture and life. He spent his formative years in India, but after travelling to South Africa to complete his master’s degree in Photography he discovered his passion for travel and photography. He quickly began exploring the world documenting travel, culture, and life and eventually moved back to New Delhi India where he opened his own photographic studio. A self-confessed “ wanderer” Aman’s images immerse the viewer in the subject’s culture, bringing a visual authenticity to his photographs. His work features landscapes and astonishing captivating portraits of indigenous people from across the world. “I take photographs to define my experiences, to capture these moments and share the earth’s most extraordinary places”. These experiences include capturing stunning images of inspiring destinations include India, Nepal, South Africa, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey, Israel, Australia, and the UK. Aman has received awards from many prestigious organizations including The Siena International Photo Awards 2015 (Italy), IPA AWARD, United States in the Portrait Category. He exhibits regularly in India and recently exhibited his “ Portraits” collection of work shot in Nepal to critical acclaim. He has been published in magazines and newspapers including National Geographic, Life Force Magazine, KLM I Fly magazine, India Today, Creative Gaga, The Platform, Outlook Traveler, Travel Secrets and Dodho Magazine apart from many others. Aman can be reached at

  • Varanasi - The Religious Capital Of India
    Varanasi - The Religious Capital Of India

    Aman Chotani   Aman Chotani   Mar,2016   Mar,2016   0  0

    Varanasi was the most photographic locations I have visited until now.  For people it can be the city of temples, the city of lights or the oldest living city on earth but for me it was a step fu...

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