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Perpetually bitten by the travel bug, I have travelled across twenty states in India and Nepal, Switzerland, Italy and Paris. I share my experiences best through writing, photography and blogging ( I engaged in all types of outdoor adventure, explore the local way of life, listen to stories strangers tell me and am a firm believer of serendipity and constant change. 

  • Amidst Wildlife and History- Bidar
    Amidst Wildlife and History- Bidar

    Amrita Das   Amrita Das   Feb,2014   Feb,2014   10  10

    There are so many places in India that we have not heard of and yet,they become a part of our travel memories. I had not known of Bidar till December when I started planning a jungle retreat with my f...

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  • The Mystical Mangroves Of Sundarbans
    The Mystical Mangroves Of Sundarbans

    Amrita Das   Amrita Das   May,2014   May,2014   0  0

    Sundarbans, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is the world’s biggest delta. Flourishing rich with wildlife, Sundarbans is a national park, biosphere reserve and tiger reserve. It is one of the large...

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