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Auri/Orry/Arri/Harry all point to the same 31-year-old ex-Television professional who decided to give up his decade-long Mumbai existence and a plush job of directing Reality Shows to move to Goa, seek early retirement and work on a magazine. For someone whose father retired from the Indian Railways and believed in ‘seeing the length and breadth of the country’, traveling has been a part of his life ever since he remembers. Coupled with a passion for writing and shooting amateur photographs, he loves penning every journey he undertakes. One day he wishes to scale the Kanchenjunga, the magnificent peak that was visible from his room everyday for the first sixteen years of his life. Anything related to food, cricket and airplanes excite him no end. As of now he’s contemplating whether to start a Moghlai Paratha business in Goa or not. Aritra can be reached at

  • In The Valley Of Dreams- Chushul and Merak
    In The Valley Of Dreams- Chushul and Merak

    Aritra Mukherjee   Aritra Mukherjee   Aug,2013   Aug,2013   0  0

    Once you’re settled in Goa, I guess it gets difficult to actually plan a trip and go somewhere else. They say the breeze that makes the palm trees sway also makes their people lazy! I can vouch ...

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