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Arkalgud Padmanabha is the Founder President of Citizens Forum Yelahanka, a travel enthusiast and a veteran theatre person, who went back to the stage after 50 years in 2011. He has always been associated with several social causes and in his capacity as VP, Bhadrachalam Paper Boards, had implemented the Drinking Water Project for Sarapaka, a village with a population of 10,000, which he calls the ‘best contribution to my country in my life.’ Post retirement, he has been a consultant with ITC and Christian Medical Association of India, among others. His belief is that, “whatever I may do, my debt to my country will always remain in debt.”

  • A Trip To The End Of The Earth - Antarctica
    A Trip To The End Of The Earth - Antarctica

    Arkalgud Padmanabha   Arkalgud Padmanabha   Jun,2015   Jun,2015   2  2

    I have been travelling since 1981, when I travelled overseas for the first time on official work. Since then till 1993, I had travelled to many countries on official trips. From 1994 onwards, pos...

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