The Australian Wine Country - The Best Of New South Wales

The Australian Wine Country - The Best of New South Wales

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Trip Introduction

Napa and Sonoma in California get all of the credit but Australia has almost 2,500 vineyards which is only a few hundred less than the number of vineyards in America which has ten times the population.

Exploring the wine country is fun, not too expensive and a great way to meet fellow party goers and wine lovers.  For this article, we are on the road to Mudgee 3.5 hours from Sydney by auto.  There are other vineyards which are closer but Mudgee is in the midst of an old gold mining area and is a “typical Australian country town.”  This normally would be a two to three day excursion.

How to get there

Getting to Sydney is the first step and you should consult your favourite travel website or travel agent.  Take careful note of visa requirements ( as the immigration officials will check to make sure all of your travel papers are in order.  Then from Sydney, Aeropelican ( will take you directly to Mudgee in 50 minutes.  But note that tickets are expensive with return fares about $400AUD (current exchange rates are a little over 50 INR to 1 AUD).

By Rail

There is no direct train service but Countrylink ( to Lithgow about 150km away and then by coach.

By Road

There are many car rental companies both at the airport and in the city.  Your best bet is to book through a consolidator on the web for the best pricing; either through an India site or  Note you must be over 25 and have a credit card to rent a car normally.  Getting there by road is slightly complicated and of course will vary by where you are coming from.  The best bet is to get detailed driving directions from



Posted By: Sheetal Kachale

Hi Les,I got a chance to experience Australian wine in Hunter valley. It was a wonderful experience to taste local wines.I will soon be writing about it on terrain spotter. Cheers!!Sheetal

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