The Best Of London In 4 Days - London

The Best Of London In 4 Days - London

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Trip Introduction

Our UK bonanza trip ended in London. We spent a total of 4 days in London and each of the days was packed to the brim with excitement and things to do. London is one of those cities that you can keep going back to and it will still have lots to offer. It was my fifth trip to London but my husband’s first and so we did all the touristy things that one would do on a first trip to London.

Trip Type

How to get there

When getting to London from India, you have various flight sector and airline options. You can choose to fly from Mumbai or Delhi. Flight tickets would usually be in the range of 35k– 40k per person but if you book well in advance you can even get tickets as low as 25k return fare. Websites such as and often have great deals running. It might also be wise to explore the frequent flyer deals that various airlines have.

We travelled on British Airways from India since we got a discount using FF points.



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