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Trip Introduction

Agumbe, (or the fictional Malgudi of 'Malgudi days' fame) is well-known for quite a few things - hypnotizing sunset, King Cobras and the torrential rain. Our purpose of the visit to Agumbe was to catch a glimpse of that mesmerizing sunset. The moment we entered the tiny village of Agumbe, it was as if going back in time to 1960s. Time ticked slowly, complete absence of hastiness - except for the occasional busses or the private vehicles carrying tourists, the place appeared out of this world. With more than couple of hours to sunset, we roamed around along the only road playing a guessing game. The game was trying to match up a building from current time with the ones from the Malgudi days where Swami and his friends roamed around. As we approached the sunset point which is in the outskirts of the Agumbe village, we were brought back to the real world. The place bustled with loads of tourists - there seemed to be a competition going on between the human noise and the numerous chirping crickets with both the groups going strong.


Hide and Seek of the sun


Signboard that says Cherrapunji of the South 

We managed to find a suitable place and settled down to witness the magic unfold. With still enough time left for the sundown, it was a premier for the clouds to perform. Wind started created amazing artwork along with the clouds. Slowly as the Sun went down, clouds gave way for the king and the show began. With every moment, the huge canvas of Sky changed colours. After trying to hastily capture the photos, I decided it give it up and enjoy the show to the fullest. It was a poetry on the sky with not any words to describe the glory of the Sun. The whole group of visitors who were making plenty of noise were spellbound. There was utter silence from them and the crickets were chirping away to the glory as if to tell us that no one can beat mother nature. As the sky became darker and darker, there was only one wish - "only if we had a rewind button to re watch the sunset again". :) 


On the way back

How to get there

Agumbe is a small village nestled along the western ghats and is at a junction where three districts of Karnataka meet - Shimogga, Udupi and Chikkamagalur.

Nearest airport is Mangalore which is 120 KMs. Frequent buses ply from Mangalore to Shimogga which via Udupi and Agumbe.

By Road

With close to 350 KMs from Bangalore, there are state (KSRTC) run overnight busses to Agumbe and also from the coastal town of Udupi which is around 55 KMs. But considering the number of interesting places near/around Agumbe, it is best advised to rent a vehicle which will save a lot of time while covering other places.


Wild Western Ghats



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