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Trip Introduction

During my visit to Las Vegas I had almost filled up my phone with photos. Unfortunately all my photos got deleted by mistake. The only photos that I am left with are the ones I put on social media. So I am going to try to write my way out of this one and hopefully you will be able to visualize the Vegas that I saw - and the one I will want to keep going back again and again to discover more.

How do you feel about going to a place that you have heard, read and saw in movies, books, comics all your life? From Johny Depp and Benicio Del Toro experimenting with drugs, to Nicholas Cage killing himself slowly at the Sin City , to the mighty Elvis gyrating to Viva Las Vegas. It obviously creates anticipation that wether you will be able to seep in all that the place has to offer within a short span of two days.  

I visited Vegas after my annual company conference at San Francisco in Mar'16. For the uninitiated, I took a Virgin Atlantic flight from SFO to Vegas ad it typically takes about two hours. From the time you hit Las Vegas Airport, you wont be dissapointed! There are slot machines right there at the airport for you to kickstart your gambling spirit. I was staying at the Flamingo Hotel with a office collegue of mine, who had already reached one day prior to me. With the advent of the Cab Aggregators, its become easier for a tourist not to get hassled at a new destination. Lyft was doing agressive marketing promotions to counter Uber and giving a 5$ discount on every ride. I sat on my Lyft ride and could see the Vegas syline in a distance. The first 3-4 Miles from the airport ushers you to the dry arid region of Nevada with distant blackened hills reminding you of the Aravalis in Rajasthan(Except the Colour is different) 

The main area of Las Vegas with Hotels, Casino Joints, Grand Shows and Fountains that you see is what is called 'The Strip'. The strip is only 6.8 Km in length and houses all that you wanna see in this Sin City. Fourteen of the world's largest Hotels in terms of room count are located on the Strip. Hotel Flamingo was the third hotel to be build on the Las Vegas strip and is the oldest functional hotel is Las Vegas. Flamingo is much cheaper than a Ceasers Palace or Bellagio so it fit the bill perfectly for me. Most of the top hotels in Vegas have their own Casinos and the one as Flamingo is one of the most popular.  The personel at reception desk can quickly figure out wether you are a first timer and are helpful in guiding you the various treats that lie all around the Hotel. The first thing that you see is the massive Casino with hundreds of different Slot Machines and the bars and restaurants around it. I reached in the afternoon which is a dull time as most people at Vegas wake up during that time. It was interesting to see the number of veterans sitting on the slot machines, sipping their drinks and puffing on their smokes. Thats another thing that hits you when you land inside the strip - everyone seems to be drinking and Smoking and having fun. Its like the entire strip is like a massive beer barrel and a giant ash tray.

So I had just 1 and a half days post landing at the Hotel to enjoy Vegas as post that I needed to hop on a flight from Vegas to SFO and travel back to India. Wont say that i did justice and there are many other places that I needed to visit but let me still put up a list that might help you.   

Trip Type

How to get there

There are many airlines like Virgin, Jetblue, Southwest and American Airlines all flying from different destinations in the US to Vegas so finding a flight should not be an issue at all. Hotel check in time in US is 2 PM - 3 PM, so ensure you time your flight in such a way that you are able to check in, take rest and then the night is yours.  For best Flight deals you can try out Kayak, Skyscanner, Farecompare or cheap Flights - all Meta aggregators

By Road

This was the trip I wanted to do first. Its a 15 Hour journey and both Greyhound and Amtrak provide the services. I could not do this due to paucity of time but it is in my bucket list next time I am visiting Vegas. 



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