The Whites And The Blues - Santorini

The Whites And The Blues - Santorini

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Trip Introduction

Santorini is renowned for it’s stunning natural beauty, the splendid sunsets and for being one of the most sought after wedding destinations.  What no one tells you so glowingly is that there is a volcano right under your nose, while you are on the island. That’s’ right, there is an active volcano, no less, which is part of the group of islands of Santorini. It is called the caldera by the locals.

Windmills at Oia

Famous Windmills at Oia

Infact the island was once where the ancient town was situated and the volcanic eruption and the subsequent earthquake destroyed the town and caused it to immerse partly under the sea. The volcano remains active to this day and visitors are not allowed to stay overnight.But it is also the volcanic ash and the consequences that have given Santorini it’s unique, unforgettable beauty. 

How to get there

Santorini (Thira) National Airport is located in the Kamari village and has regular connections with major European cities and daily connections to and from Athens.

Reaching Santorini by air should be the preferred option for those who are prone to sea sickness.

By Boat

This is the most ideal way to get to the island because it gives you the opportunity to see the island in its full panoramic glory. It is when you arrive by sea, that you can appreciate the dramatic beauty and the unique architecture such as the whitewashed and the blue domed churches perching atop the various cliffs. Ferries connect Santorini to various islands including daily trips to Athens. Sometimes ferries are cancelled due to bad weather; check the schedule well in advance for summer months.

Both the airport and the main port of Santorini are well-connected by the local bus service. The buses run across the various villages.

Although the buses are frequent enough during the day (every 30 or 45 minutes for specific routes) they connect the main villages such as Fira, Oia and Kamari. For other places, the schedule may be spars in non-summer months. In such a case, you can rent a bike or a car. All you would need is an International Driver's Permit and a strong heart as the roads are narrow and a lot of locals drive rather scarily!

Beautiful City

By Road




Posted By: Marco

Glorious pictures.I am planning a trip to Greece this summer and this article motivates me to just plonk myself at a beach in Santorini. Enjoyed reading this thoroughly. Please write about other islands too :)

Posted By: Annapurna

Fantastic article. I really loved the "whites and blues are the color of love" line.The pictures call out to the reader to go and visit Greece!

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