'There's A Philadelphia In The Middle East - Amman (Jordon)

'There's A Philadelphia In The Middle East - Amman (Jordon)

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Trip Introduction

The capital city of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Amman used to be known as Rabbath Ammon during the Iron Age ( 1200 BC to 539 BC). Post 312 BC, it was rebuilt and restyled by the Egyptian ruler King Ptolemy 2 Philadelphus. At this time, it came to be called Philadelphia. And finally with the establishment of the Umayyad Caliphate in 661 AD, it came to be called Amman.


Amman across various rules

How to get there

When travelling from India to the Queen Alia airport, Amman, you have a choice of around 4-5 airlines. Cheaper airlines like Saudi Arabian will cost you around 25-30 thousand rupees while better knownairlines, anything upwards of 40000 INR. Emirates and Qatar Airways are great airlines to fly, however Royal Jordanian is the only one with a direct Mumbai – Amman flight.

We flew to Amman on Qatar Airways via Doha. The entire travel time was around 10 hours. Note: The Doha airport is extremely huge with way too many connecting flights. If you don’t have much time between flights and much luggage, be sure to hand carry it.

Indians can get a visa on arrival in Amman. The requirement for this is that you carry 2000-2500 USD per head in order to show them that you have the money to spend in their country. The process of getting a visa on arrival seems quite shady, you are whisked off into a room on the side where the guy makes a couple of phone calls, takes a look at your passports and the cash. And then guides you towards a counter escorted by one of his men. Don’t be fazed by this, I later found out that this is standard operating procedure for Indians. A single entry visa costs around Rs 2500/-.



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