When Quality Meets Quantity - Unconventional Joints In Delhi!

When Quality Meets Quantity - Unconventional Joints in Delhi!

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Trip Introduction

If you are a hardcore self proclaimed foodie, the conundrum that one have always faces is the classic one : Where can I go and have the best food at the cheapest price ? We decided to put our memory cap on and give you a list of relatively unheard places in Delhi where one gets the best food at the best price.

Aapki Khatir(Nizamuddin) :

Aapki Khatir is a small joint near the Nizzamuddin flyover,which operates only betweem 0700 PM to 1130 PM. After so many meals there we can surely tell you the best combination (For two people) :


Step A) Kakori Kabab in Rumali Roti Rolled(Kakori Kabab is a very finely minced meat with a slightly sour taste).One plate costs about 85 INR and contains two rolls.

Step B) Kakori Kabab rolled in Sweet Parantha Rolled(Great combination as the sour meat mingles with the Sweet Parantha taste).Same price...same quantity as above!

Step C) Mutton Kathi Roll: The same Sweet Parantha roll,this time containing big juicy charred pieces of mutton marinated for hours and then grilled on a slow charcoal fire for many more hours(Price : 110 INR)

Step D) End it all with a Mutton Biryani serving with Tari(Local word for gravy).after all that you had had above,take only one Biryani as it with easily serve both people. (Price:90 INR)

Total Expense(For Two Satiated People) : 370 INR(approximately 9.5$ only)

Tony’s Kerala Restaurant at the DDA market near Kalka Public school:

Tony’s Chicken Biryani

The picture tells the whole story…doesn’t it? Nevertheless,set in a dingy alley in Kalkaji this restaurant is run by Tony.Tony is a really funny guy and he will gels instantly with you via a friendly argument on the food habits of North Indians(and why he needs to keep making Mallu food in North India) or through his continuous ramblings on how prices are going up(of food items especially) . If Tony is a whiff of fresh breeze, the food served is a storm. The recommended combination:

Step A) Biryani(Depending on days can be Chicken,Beef or Mutton) : Mallu(Local name for Keralites) Biryani is very different from the Mughlai Biryani.The taste at the centre is different from the taste at the sides...Sweet,Spicy to a little Sour...to be precise!!!The Biryani is also served with Raita(Awesome!!!),Pickle(Yummmmm!!!) and Papadam(Crunchy!!!)(Price: 60 INR...Now thats what we call VFM i.e Value For Money)

Step B) Fish Curry along with the Biryani: Mallu Fish curry is Spicy and has a slight sour tinge to it unlike the normally sweet Bengali fish gravies.(Price: 40 INR)

Step C) Tony looking and smiling at you,stroking his tummy and telling you to come again so that he can tell more tales on Bengalis and Mallus(Price: 0 INR)

Bline at Anand Niketan(From Russia With Love!!!) :

This was a find fellas...seriously...A Real Find!!!We are writing this in capital letters for you to comprehend :


Caution: The owner and the chef is a little unfriendly to non Russians, but with food like he makes, who cares? There are no steps here...Its a one room joint and food will be served slowly.

Beef Strangnoff at Bline

Recomended dishes: Beef Stragnoff,Mutton Capitan,Liver Fry,Chicken Steak

In case you are in a slight drinking mood, then you can have before your food Vodka mixed in Beet juice. It kicks ass!

Price: 900 INR for at least two people(Provided you take one/two peck of Vodka...else its lesser)



Posted By: Zaidan

What a delicious post :) I think i will be visiting Bline very soon wanna try Mutton capitan and chicken steak.You don't know boss its really hard to read these type of post when you are fasting :)

Posted By: Terrainspotter

Ramadan Mubarak Zaidan and I understand your pain. But after fasting and serving the almighty, so take a trip to Bliny:-)

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