Windsor And Eton - The Royal Connection!

Windsor and Eton - The Royal Connection!

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Trip Introduction

When traveling to London over a period of around 2 weeks, you have various options for things to do. You are literally spoilt for choice – you can spend your time relaxing in the lovely parks of London, you can go sightseeing, you can go drink different varieties of beer and relish foods from around the world, or you narrow down on a couple of weekend destinations around the city and go visit those. Browse through our website and you’ll find articles covering almost all that I just talked about above. This one as you’ve guessed already, is where I tell you about my trip to Windsor and Eton.

Windsor makes for a lovely day trip or weekend getaway from London. From a cosmopolitan metro with its rush and hustle bustle, you can escape to a quiet and tranquil haven in less than an hour. 

How to get there

By Rail

(More than a sneak preview of the Castle)

Windsor has two train stations – the main one is the Windsor Central or the Windsor Royal Station. Trains come in here from Heathrow, Gatwick and Paddington. The other one, Windsor and Eton riverside is a comparably smaller station where trains come in from Waterloo station. This is the station I arrived at. Walking out of here gives an instant larger than life view of the castle so you’re almost instantly taken in by this town. 

By Road

By road this journey can be completed in around half an hour. Windsor lies to the west of London and the journey from West London to Windsor can be completed in less than twenty minutes on the M4 Motorway which passes just outside of Heathrow. 



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